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Crawdad Communications provides the perfect blend of capabilities to meet your needs for on line training. Our team includes training designers who develop interactive solutions for your material, and our technical team can provide CD-ROM or web based technology to fit your optimal user profile. Our talented graphics and illustration team back this up with imagery that takes advantage of the electronic platform to provide an ideal training exprience.

Crawdad Communications can provide you with solutions in HTML, Flash, Authorware, and Cold Fusion. We have experience with both DoD and Federal customers.

When the Axiom Corporation wanted to develop a study for delivering the Tricare Basic Student Course to the Army, we developed a system of graphics, interactive data, animations and interactive testing. The study met all the requirements set forth by the client, and could be delivered on the web or CD-ROM.

Email or call at 703.968.4200 and let us tell you why you've already found the answer to all your Internet needs!


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